Block the access to your PHP script with ease!

Upload your PHP file and set up limitations.

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How does it work?

This tool implants a small access blocking snippet to the top of your code.

What does it do?

It uses almost the same functions like our PHP Mini File Browser:

  • Protects your script with username and password.
  • Allows the access only from selected IP addressess (your current IP is predefined).
  • Auto remove functionality - the script destroys protected file after defined timeout.

What code is added?

You can check the code here.

Your configuration:

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Are you familiar with this script?


It's something you don't want to reveal publicly. Just use and limit the access to your script.

Latest news: Problem with Search Replace DB for WordPress

You can use tool to mitigate the problem! Set up your credentials, IP limiting, or auto remove funcionality.

About me

My name is Vladimir Smitka and I'm one of the founders of Lynt services, a marketing company from the Czech Republic. I'm a network & server engineer, WordPress enthusiast and performance & security consultant.

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Tunnels in Cloud for everyone

Automated deployment scripts (cloud init and bash) of various VPN/Proxy servers (including IKEv2 with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate).

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